How to change the locale in chrome browser

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Open chrome, go to chrome://settings/languages

On the left, you should see a list of languages. Use mouse to drag the language you want to the top, that will change the order for the values in Accept-language of requests.

If you still don't see the language you prefer, it may be cookies. Go to cookies and clean it up you should be good.

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Based from this thread, you need to bookmark chrome://settings/languages and then Drag and Drop the language to make it default. You have to click on the Display Google Chrome in this Language button and completely restart Chrome.

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Dec, 2021 Update:

On Chrome, press F12 to open Developer Tools:

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Then, press Esc to open another panel which has Sensors tab:

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Finally, you can set the Locale like "ja-JP" by choosing the Location, "Tokyo" as shown below:

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If there isn't Sensors tab, you can open it from the 3 dots as shown below:

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I use this function for testing internationally launched website.

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[on hold: broken in Chrome 72; reported to work in Chrome 71]

The "Quick Language Switcher" extension may help too:

The Quick Language Switcher extension allows the user to supersede the locale the browser is currently using in favor of the value chosen through the extension.

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Use ModHeader Chrome extension.

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Or you can try more complex value like Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.9,ru;q=0.8,th;q=0.7

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