ios - Xcode process launch failed: Security

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If you get this, the app has installed on your device. You have to tap the icon. It will ask you if you really want to run it. Say “yes” and then Build & Run again.

As from iOS 9, it is required to go to SettingsGeneralDevice ManagementDeveloper AppTrust`.

On some versions of iOS, you will have to go to SettingsGeneralProfile instead.

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Updated answer for Xcode 7: Tapping the app no longer works (as of beta 1 it just displays an "untrusted enterprise developer" message with only a Dismiss button).

To fix, open the Settings app, go to General / Profiles, and you'll see your profile. Mark it trusted and things should start working normally again.

Updated For iOS 9.2.1 and Xcode 7.2.1:

Goto: Settings > General > Device Management > Select App from Developer Apps > Trust App.

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Hey so the accepted answer works, except if you need to debug the initial launch of the app. However I think that answer is more of a work around, and not an actual solution. From my understanding this message occurs when you have some weirdness in your provisioning profile / cert setup so make extra sure everything is in tip-top shape in that dept. before ramming your head against the wall repeatedly.

What worked for me was as follows from the apple docs:

Provisioning Profiles Known Issue If you have upgraded to the GM seed from other betas you may see your apps crashing due to provisioning profile issues.


  1. Connect the device via USB to your Mac

  2. Launch Xcode Choose Window ->Devices

  3. Right click on the device in left column, choose "Show Provisioning Profiles"

  4. Click on the provisioning profile in question

  5. Press the "-" button Continue to removing all affected profiles.

  6. Re-install the app

Make sure you right click on the image of the device not the name of the device or you won't see the provisioning profiles option. I restored my new phone from an old backup and there was a lot of cruft hanging around, i also had 2 different dev. certs active (not sure why) but i deleted one, made a new profile got rid of all the profiles on device and it worked.

Hope this helps someone else.

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Update for iOS9.2.1 and Xcode 7.2.1

If you get this error when building to a device in Xcode:

Error Image for Xcode Build

On your device, tap the app icon that would have just been added from your attempt at building the app and you should see this:

enter image description here

Next, on your device, go to Settings --> General --> Device Management, and you will see this page:

enter image description here

Select the profile you are using with Xcode, and you should see this page: enter image description here

Click Trust "" then click Trust on the next popup.

Go back to Xcode and re-run your project and it should build the app to your device.

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To get around the process launch failed: Security issue and immediately launch the app on your device, tap the app icon on your iOS device after running the app via Xcode.

This will allow you to immediately run the app. It may not actually "fix" the root issue that is causing these permission alerts.

Be sure to tap the app icon while the Xcode alert is still shown. Otherwise the app will not run. I continually forget this vital step and am unable to run the app on my device. Thus I am documenting it here for myself and everyone else :)

  1. Run the app via Xcode. You will see the security alert below. Do not press OK.

Could not launch "AppName" process launch failed: Security

  1. On your iOS device, tap the newly installed app icon:

tap the app icon on your iOS device

  1. After tapping the icon, you should now see an alert asking you to "Trust" the Untrusted App Developer. After doing so the app will immediately run, unconnected to the Xcode debugger.

    • If you do not see this "Trust" alert, you likely pressed "OK" in Xcode too soon. Do not press "OK" on the Xcode alert until after trusting the developer.

Trust this developer?

  1. Finally, go back and press "OK" on the Xcode alert. You will have to re-run the app to connect the running app on your iOS device to the Xcode debugger.

Now press OK in Xcode.

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