xcode - How to change the name of an iOS app?

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  1. Go to Targets in Xcode.
  2. Build Settings on your project's target (your current development name).
  3. Search for Product Name under Packaging. Change its value to what you want your new project name to be.
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In new versions of Xcode (Xcode 5 too), to change the name of the project, follow these simple (detailed as possible) steps:

Note: In this example I'll change a hypothetical "Sample" name to a "Test" one.

  1. Click twice slowly on the project root in the project navigator and then it becomes editable.

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  2. Rename the project.

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  3. After pressing Enter the assistant will suggest you to automatically change all project-name-related entries and will allow you to de-select some of them, if you want.

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  4. Press 'RENAME' and Xcode will do the rest. In the meanwhile Xcode may ask you about the option of making a snapshot of the project (it is very recommendable to do so).

  5. In addition to renaming the project, you may want to rename the scheme so that it matches your new project name.

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  6. Repeat similar steps like 1 and 2, and press OK.

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  7. That's it.

Another scenario...

The previous explanation was related to changing the project name, but chances are that you only need to change the display name that appears below the app icon in the home screen. These are the steps:

  1. In the "Supporting Files" group locate the info.plist (or related) file

  2. Locate the "Bundle display name" key and change the value to the new name.

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  3. Delete the "old" app from the simulator or any other testing device.

  4. Clean and rebuild your app again.

  5. That's it. You will now see the new app name in your home screen.

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You change the bundle display name in the info.plist file. It's as simple as that.

Changing the 'bundle display name' (as opposed to 'bundle name') is the only way to include characters like '+' in your applications name. Including special characters in the project name will cause an error when uploading to App Store!

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In Xcode 4 search for "Product Name" under "Build Settings" tab of the target.

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  1. Select Target

    Target selected in Xcode sidebar.

  2. Select Info

    Info tab selected.

  3. Insert Bundle Display Name and set App Title

    Dropdown showing Application Category highlighted.

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